Acres: 142

County: Marion

Price: $922,350 ($6,495/ac)

This 142 acre Mississippi River Bottom farm is showing around 127 tillable acres. 41.89 acres of that are class 2 Belknap Silt Loam and 86.4 acres of class 3 Carlow and Chequest Silty Clay Loam. The drainage ditches have been recently cleaned out. It sits behind a levy district levy that protects it from the Mississippi River. This farm is currently cash rented for $290.00 per acre ($37,207.00 yearly). Farm is on the last year of a 3 year contract. The proximity to Quincy also makes this location a positive factor. Currently the Levy District taxes and property taxes would total around $48 per acre making a net of $242/acre ($31,048 yearly) on the income. The levy district tax which was used to raise the levy and currently building for another project is not all negative. By being behind this great levy the farm ground went from being High Risk for crop insurance to Low Risk saving the farmer approximately $33 per acre and a greater certainty of a quality crop. With comps in the area from $7600/acre to $8900/acre range we believe this farm is priced relatively under the market for what it is. With this location, productivity, and increase in grain prices its very possible to see a vast increase in price for this farm making it a great investment as well. Please contact listing agent Andy Boyer for your own private showing 636-295-1476. *Property lines are thought to be accurate but are estimated. *

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