Acres: 400

County: Sullivan

Price: $1,360,000 ($3,400/ac)

This 400 m/l acre property is located south of Humphreys, MO. There were currently 303 m/l acres in CRP which ends fall of this year 2017 and clean-up on that CRP is already lined up. This farm will be back in production in 2018. Cash rent is at $125.00 per tillable acre in 2018 with the farmer doing the clean-up and putting the 303 m/l tillable acre back in crop production and with a hunting lease of $13.00 per acre giving you a yearly income for 2018 $43,075.00 with a 3.5% return rate at asking price. In 2019 it will be at $170.00 per tillable acre and a hunting lease of $13.00 per acre giving you a total income for year 2019 $56,710.00 and possibly do the same for third year 2020 thus giving this farm in 2019 a little above a 4.5% return at asking price the next couple of years. *Property lines are thought to be accurate but are estimated.*

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